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The above equation sums it up best. Our team consists of proven experts in the fields of aviation, supply chain essentials, business and construction to ensure every aspect of achieving our goal of profitably optimizing transport of consumers and products can be achieved.

Our primary focus is on building long-term relationships with our clients while continuing to develop and incorporate new technologies, product offerings, and of course, providing high quality service and maintenance experiences. We succeed when our clients succeed.

why volatus

We are a member of the Advanced Air Mobility Supply Chain Working Group.

Our goal is to ensure that the aerospace supply chain will meet demands of both current and future needs in terms of readiness, resiliency, production targets and competitiveness during the entire life cycle.

In order for us to achieve these goals we need to develop the capability to analyze and predict future needs, build a frictionless electronic platform for credentialed suppliers and OEMs, and cultivate talent and skills.

No Distance Is too Far

We’re working to connect communities across the US to the future of transportation. 

Global market value by 2050 United Airlines, Embraer, Joby, Volocopter and others.

A growing number of OEM vehicle manufacturers including; Airbus, Bell, Ford, Hyundai and Boeing.

Estimated passenger usage per day by 2035 in the United States.

WE’VE Got You Covered



Sustainability, operational performance, durability and cost. Successful design of any structure must incorporate these critical areas to ensure overall project success and economic viability.

We use LEED certified architects and professional engineers to ensure that our product offerings are designed to deliver the expected results.

We believe that this infrastructure needs to be applicable to every size aircraft to meet your growing needs. We are prepared to fulfill your expectations in an affordable, timely manner.


On schedule, on budget. These are more than simply words to our construction team; they are the two primary goals with the third being providing exceptional client experiences. 

We understand that our product offerings are investments by our clients which are designed to generate positive returns and provide great experiences for their guests but can only do so when their project is up and properly functioning. This is why a well-designed project leads to a well-executed project. 

Our projects are built on transparency with effective communication; let us put both to work for you.



Performance, focus, communication. Ensuring the continuing proper performance of your investment is vital for ongoing success. It is in this spirit that Volatus maintains a high focus on ensuring our clients receive the proper scheduled maintenance on our products on an ongoing basis.

This also provides timely and active communication between our team and clients to hear what is working well, any issues that need resolving and identifying opportunities for upgrades, additions, or new opportunities. We walk with our clients on their journeys.


Sustainable Energy Power Options

• Solar Panels  • Wind Turbines  • Battery Backup Systems

Tree Planting Program

Bamboo Paper Products 

Regionally Appropriate Landscaping to Encourage the Bee Population.

All interior finishes and fixtures are made from recycled or ethically sourced materials.

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