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Optimizing the efficiency and profitability of transporting consumers and products is the heartbeat of any business or community – regardless of size. Volatus is committed to provide best-in-class infrastructure resources to ensure no community is left behind.

By tailoring to our clients’ exact needs, while incorporating the latest technologies for electric charging stations and app support, our work positively impacts our clients and the communities we serve.


Volatus connects communities to the future through its Volatus Hub, Vertistops and Universal Charger. Further support is provided with the Volatus App which provides real time maintenance scheduling, charging information and landing availability – at no charge to the user. 

Our products are designed to offer our clients the most cost-effective solutions to achieve the maximum optimization of transport, return on investments, guest experiences and community enrichment.

volatus hub

The Volatus Hub is designed to be the center place for any rural or suburban environment. Configurable to handle both passengers and freight with warehouse space in an air-controlled environment. The hub is flexible to meet any demands.

universal charger

The future can be challenging, like for instance, which vehicle brand uses which charger type? No need to worry, we’re vendor agnostic and have built our chargers to adapt to whatever the future may bring.


Our convenient small size makes this type of landing pad ideal for smaller urban spaces and environmentally fragile land. Easily configurable and quick to install with many options available. 


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